I'm done

2015-07-08 21:04:55 by ZenthicOwl

Fuck M-Bot he's a piece of shit and no one likes him I do nothing then he removes my contests. Fuck him. Ban him. I'm deleting this account since I can't upload anything without this fucker deleting it.

Guess What?!?!

2015-07-05 17:24:31 by ZenthicOwl

I got some great news!!! Well, Actually I kinda have 2 good things. The first one is I'm going to be releasing the first part of little hilarious clips put together soon. Hopefully I can make it a series! The second good news is I have a competition. I need a new picture for my profile, and I need some help! So here are the requirements: No entry needed. Tag the picture ZenthicOwl. Make sure the picture actually has something to do with my name in any possible way... So don't do some random word. The picture that I think fits me best wins and I'll use that as my profile picture in replace of the weird looking "ZenthicOwl" I typed. ALSO the winner gets a shout out from me. And I'll also type the winner's name onto the picture. But remember, everyone is a winner.